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Hi friends! I’d love to share a bit more with you, my story and how I got to where I am today. But before I get into the details, I’d first love to share more about my essence. I’m an energetic, vivacious, free-spirited, strong, powerful, and emotional person. 


I lead with my energy. And that’s what I’m most proud of. When I’m with you, I’m WITH you. 


I have a powerful energy that truly is my superpower. This superpower took me years to embrace. I used to dim my light and I’m a recovering people pleaser. 

I’ve had many people in my past tell me I’m “too much.” But my too-muchness is deeply sincere. I have a big presence, and my presence and energetic flair are what make me the powerful healer I am. 


I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I moved to the United States as a kid, then moved back to Canada as a young adult, then back to the States again, so I feel very half/half.


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I LOVE the outdoors! I grew up hiking and camping deep in the mountains and woods. But my favourite place in nature has always been water. The sea and the ocean are my happy places. I love to swim: to me, it is the ultimate freedom. Swimming in the waves, flowing with the water, reminds me that we live in infinite possibilities. Spending time in nature has taught me resilience, patience, trust, and self-love.

I have been on my own mental health journey since I was 12 years old. I battled severe depression and later on anxiety and PTSD from different traumas I experienced. I have been in many forms of talk therapy and explored many healing modalities over the years. A part of me always knew I wanted to get into mental health and wellness because, having overcome so much, I wanted to support others on their journey. I have gone through some incredibly dark times and came out the other side, and part of my purpose is to help others do the same. I know what it’s like to try every modality on the planet, and still feel you’re at a standstill (I’m back here again?). I know what it’s like to feel hopeless, frustrated and lost (too many times to count). That’s when RTT and hypnosis changed the game.

When I was a teenager battling severe depression, and after surviving a suicide attempt, there was a moment when I had to decide if I was going to fight for myself and heal or if I was going to give up. The years following were some of the hardest years of my life, but it was my fight and showing up for myself in my healing, that led me to be the person I am today. 


Later on, struggling with anxiety and PTSD after experiencing sexual assaults and trauma, I had to make that decision again. Was I going to get up every day, show up for myself and heal, or was I going to live in that misery? I decided to fight, and I am so glad I did, as everything I’ve been through has made me the heart-based light warrior I am today. 


I am also a classically trained actress, performing in North America and Europe. My work as an actor greatly influences my therapy practice. Theatre and Performance have always been and always will be a significant part of my life. 


In my practice at Emma Heywood Hypnosis, we go beyond just RTT and Hypnotherapy. Along with my sessions, you also get coaching sessions, embodiment tools and practices developed from my acting experience. 

Something that actors have always known and that the wellness industry is just waking up to is that it’s all in the body. The body is the key to transformation. The subconscious mind and body are the same.


I was deep into living the hustling actor’s life, and there came a moment where I paused and was deeply honest with myself and admitted I wasn’t fully fulfilled. I wanted something more. That was when I experienced hypnotherapy myself and had one of the most profound experiences of my life; that is when I knew this was the modality I wanted to support others with, too.


I found answers to questions I had been asking for years in hypnotherapy and working with my subconscious mind, which I never achieved in decades of talk therapy. I experienced some of the deepest shifts in my life. It was through my own shifts that I decided, YES, this is the modality that was made for me and the modality I wanted to support others with for their transformation. I’ve always been a person who lives deeply. And there is nothing deeper than exploring the subconscious mind. 


I am also a Performance Mindset Expert and Peak Performance Coach supporting High Performers with the incredible “Attitude of a Champion” program. My experience as an actor and my love and passion for live performance supports my clients all over the world. I work with athletes of all levels, actors, musicians, public speakers, and corporate teams to achieve their peak performances. 


My healing with RTT and hypnotherapy gave me the confidence and belief that I could create and live the life I’ve always wanted. I now travel the world half the year, run a successful business, and live a life of freedom I had only ever dreamt of. If I can achieve my dreams, you can too. It is my absolute honor to be your guide. 


I went from living a life of trauma and low self-esteem to one of inner freedom, self-worth, joy, abundance and fully embodying my purpose. When I re-programmed my subconscious mind using the power of RTT and hypnosis and realized it was so simple, I knew I had to help others like you feel the same. 

Our work together is more than fixing your symptoms. You leave with something so much more: freedom from your issues AND a deep knowing that you are enough, which will radiate out of you and pour over into all areas in your life.

At Emma Heywood Hypnosis, I get to the root of your issue(s) quickly and effectively to heal emotional wounds and break negative habits, allowing you to fully thrive.

You too can live a life free from self-doubt, fear and anxiety. You too can become the most powerful, liberated and fulfilled version of you yet, the easy way. I’ll be your guide: see you on the other side.


Life isn’t easy. My life hasn’t been easy. From what I went through as a teenager, surviving my suicide attempt, I’m lucky to be here. I really believe something greater than myself was protecting me on that day.


What can sometimes be difficult though, is balancing a “both.” I was so grateful to survive and live, AND life was still extremely hard and painful. 

There were moments I wanted to give up. But I always had this knowing deep in my gut to keep going. Sometimes that gut feeling is enough to get through the hardest of days.


I remember, later on, battling anxiety and PTSD after experiencing sexual assaults, I was missing the depression. That’s how bad the anxiety was. It felt like depression was easier than what I was going through. 


I know those moments. That level of pain where you think there isn’t a way out, that you’ll be stuck in that debilitating place forever, I get it. I was there in that fear. Not thinking I would ever get out of it. But I did. 


This is why I am so passionate about therapy and healing. Because the only way out is through. 

What you resists persists. For years I was resisting confronting my honest emotions in therapy. It was in hypnotherapy when my subconscious mind wouldn’t let me hide, but I also didn’t want to hide.

In hypnotherapy, I had the space to feel and express my honest emotions. My subconscious mind wasn’t letting me hide from my true emotions anymore. I also didn’t want to hide. In hypnosis, I was ready to feel and express my emotions fully. Hypnosis provided me with that space in a way no other therapy had previously. Only then did I find true relief.


This is a misconception about hypnosis: that you will re-live trauma. You don’t. You review it in a way that gives you actual relief. You allow yourself to feel the true emotion, get that emotion out in a way you couldn’t before. It moves through you in order to then release it once and for all. It is the most powerful experience I’ve ever been through. Hypnosis is the one modality that has given me my power back.


I know it can seem scary to go to those deep parts of yourself, but I promise you it’s worth it. 


Life isn’t about feeling good, happy, and perfect in every moment. It’s about how you respond to yourself. How you show up for yourself. 


It’s about getting to know yourself deeply. With love. With curiosity. With an understanding and compassion. This is the ultimate self love to me: your resilience and commitment to your healing. The capacity to hold yourself. To hold your pain with love. 


The longest relationship in your life is with you. I truly believe it is the most important and rewarding relationship. If you’re ready to be honest and go there. To show up on the days you may not like yourself, but you still love yourself, so you keep going. 


This is how I support you. In coming back home to you. I’m not healing for you. I am guiding you so you learn how to heal and show up for yourself. 


No one outside of you can save you if you aren’t ready to meet yourself. 

And I’m not perfect by any means. I can still fall into fears, doubts, insecurities, pain, but the difference is I don’t get stuck there. I have tools to get through these moments AND quickly come back to my truth: that I am worthy exactly as I am. That there is only one me: and damn, I am enough.

You are enough. 


And when you can own that truth, that is when your life truly transforms. Not from the outside: not when you have the relationship, the success, the money, the whatever – THEN you’ll feel worthy. No. If anything on the outside determines your worth you are just outsourcing your power. 

When you live from that place of worth internally, THAT is when your life is the most satisfying. 


When you cultivate that inner power, that inner enough-ness, that inner WORTH, that is true freedom. 


That has been my journey of stepping into, owning, and living my worth. I can’t wait to facilitate you on yours. 


And don’t worry ;) Through our work, you’ll get all those outer things. But you will attract it all from the energy you’re radiating from the inside. 

At the core of my work: I am supporting you in creating a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. This relationship with SELF, this HOME within you: where you recognize you, you embrace you, you celebrate you, YOU create that home within you, a home to carry you through your life.

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Are you ready to unlock your highest potential?


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