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Sports Mindset Coaching

I am also a Sports Performance Mindset Coach.


If you are an Athlete or High Performer, this program is for you! 


Winning is 80% mindset. I help athletes and high performers who have the ability but lack the confidence to reach their peak performance, and I do this by using Sports Hypnosis and Mindset Coaching. Get ready to unlock your highest potential.

I work with Athletes all over the world in my 4 Week Digital Sports Mindset Coaching Program.

Active Man

"Belief without talent will get you further than talent without belief.”

– Marisa Peer

Serving the Ball

Free Achieve Your Athletic Success Hypnosis Audio

Are you cracking under pressure?

Are you full of self-doubt before you step out and perform?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

Do you feel not good enough and lack the self-belief to perform at your best?

Are you caught in an endless cycle of nerves and fear before you perform?

Do you know what you’re capable of but aren’t achieving it?


I help athletes excel at their sport, achieve confidence and consistency, and optimize their peak performance.

I help athletes overcome performance anxiety.

I help actors with memorization and stage fright.

I help you deal with pressure and step into your power.


This isn’t your traditional mindset coaching. This is mindset coaching where we bring your conscious mind + subconscious mind together. So they are on the same team! So they are working in sync, in flow, so you can perform consistently in the zone.


Engage your Subconscious Mind to activate your focus, your confidence, and remain calm in high-pressure moments.


You can perform at your highest level consistently and be full of self-belief.

You can win that Grand Slam, State Championship, or Award.

You can show up in each moment of your craft with ease, dexterity & virtuosity.

The question no longer remains ‘how’ or ‘when’ or ‘why me’

But rather, how long am I willing to suffer my way to success?

Your dreams are waiting.

It’s time for you to show up.

At EHH Pressure is not only a Privilege, Pressure is the Prerequisite to take your Career, Your Life and your Dreams to the Next Level.

This four week program starts at $1,200.

"Emma and her program instantly felt like the right fit for continuing my mental training. Three months later, I can say that Emma’s program exceeded every one of my expectations. My limiting beliefs are gone and my game has expanded in every area way.”

– Anonymous


BOOK A CALL if you're ready to activate your full potential now!

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