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My time with Emma was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Emma is extremely knowledgeable and truly dedicated to her practice. I have read, taken psychology classes, and worked with a lot of therapists and alternative healing modalities and nothing compares to RTT and hypnosis with Emma. The experience is personalized from start to finish with detailed coaching sessions and a personalized hypnosis recording. For anyone who hasn’t experienced therapeutic hypnosis before, it is euphoric. I truly had no clue what would arise from my subconscious mind during our session in which I had chosen “motivation” as the topic. The fact that my childhood trauma was what kept me from waking up in the mornings and enjoying the things in life I worked so hard for was profound. After 32 years of trauma and searching, all of the answers were right there and within a month after my hypnosis session, I was able to confront a close family member that I thought would take me 10 more years to be able to do. RTT is truly transformational and I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone going through their healing journeys can experience it. I am beyond grateful to Emma for doing this profound work and for sharing her gifts with the world.”


– Naomi

I had been in desperation and on the search to find happiness and to get to the root of why I was stuck for so many years. Facing anxieties, lack of confidence, finding the same type of relationship over and over again, unable to set boundaries and stand true to my worth. All while continuing the same pattern of ending or running away from my fears. Little did I know my search would find its way to Emma. That’s when I knew she was placed in my path for a reason. A true gem, an Angel on earth. Emma was truly one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. She was non-judgemental, caring, and so patient. She helped me get to the root of the issues I've been carrying around since I was a young child. Her program has set me free of my own prison and allowed me to believe in myself. I will work with Emma again in the future to continue my healing journey. I am extremely grateful for her.

– Stacey

I have absolutely loved working with Emma. I have been in therapy for 20 years on and off and am a therapist myself. I have never experienced such a quick shift in my healing journey than the work I’ve done with Emma. The session was really in-depth and I discovered some interesting connections in my past and how that’s playing out in my present. Also, listening to the recording every day was really impactful. While listening to the recording for 21 days I had new realizations and epiphanies all along the way. I absolutely love how Emma was there for me throughout the 21 days when I experienced some emotional releases with sadness, anger, and complete joy. I am so amazed at how much my mind has shifted to more empowering perspectives. Everything that I wanted to happen with my thought process and emotion regulation has really shifted for the better. I think Emma came into my life at the perfect spot in my healing journey and I am so grateful for her guidance. If you’re being guided to her I highly recommend following the guidance to work with her. It feels like magic to me.

- Christine

It’s officially been 2 months since my RTT Experience with Emma, and I am genuinely amazed at how far I’ve come in this short while. 


I would first like to start off by saying that Emma is and has always been from our first meeting so open, trustworthy, and kind. Working with her it is clear she truly cares and is really in your corner. Your growth matters to her-–and I truly believe that this is a huge part of why working with her WORKS. 


Emma takes you deep to the root of an issue at hand. Having her guidance was very comforting throughout the process. I left the session having so much new insight and clarity, and having some immediate breakthroughs!


Emma’s customized recording after the session was integral for pushing the transformation forward. Her voice is very soothing and I loved that these meditations were personalized for me. 


At the 21-day point I truly did feel a ‘click.’ Something had shifted for me—I’m not even sure how to explain it. The coaching sessions I had with Emma after that point just helped me to push forward into my new way of being. 


My original concern with Emma was about body image issues and my relationship with food. Now 2 months after the session, I truly can explain it best as ‘I just don’t care’ about what used to consume me every day. And that is EXACTLY how I described to Emma how I would like to feel—what would make me feel free. 


I stop eating when I am full—something I could never do before. I feel I am comfortable in my lane and am just doing what I need to feel good in my body. 


If self-critical thoughts come up, I don’t judge or attach to them, I just let them pass. My relationship with exercise (which was good before) is even better! I enjoy moving my body so much for all the added benefit beyond changing it. 


I feel like I’m in control of an area of my life finally, an area that  I could just never get a handle on for 30 years. I am flourishing and I notice myself becoming more comfortable in my skin every day. 


I would highly recommend Emma’s services to anyone wanting a breakthrough to a new level in their life! I’m so happy I did!


– Angela

“What an incredible experience! First off, a bit about the actual hypnosis process. Emma’s heart shines throughout her work and the approach she takes is filled with care and consideration. Emma takes time to understand what you need and will try to get as clear and specific with you. We worked on my core issue of lacking self-belief and self-worth. 


What I didn’t expect was that I had total autonomy and consent in this entire process. Hypnosis is a willful choice to be led into the parts of ourselves we don’t even know are significant, let alone even remember sometimes. It is not unlike a trust fall or someone leading you when you have a blindfold on. You may not know where you’re heading, yet the trust and choice to be lead is a powerful one.


Emma is a very strong guide who balances tenderness with touches of toughness, just enough to let you know she won’t be fooled by the parts of us not wanting to be seen. She holds compassion with strength and curiosity. 


With Emma’s leadership, I was able to recall memories long forgotten and a majority of these memories I had no idea held any such power over my life. Emma never made me feel in danger or alone. She handled any resistance my subconscious gave her with grace and kindness. 


Hypnosis is not something I expected to be as powerful, eye-opening, and healing as it has been. Right after the session with Emma, I felt very light afterwards and had a boost of mental clarity. I felt energized and renewed. With that result, hypnosis is a soul’s version of a combo massage and physio: you get deep relaxation with some work involved. 


Hypnosis to me feels like it has been filling in the gaps that years of therapy have not been able to unearth. 

If you feel stuck or like you’re hitting a healing wall, Emma is your person and guide to help you unlock the rest of your healing journey. Working with Emma is truly making an investment in yourself and your healing. An investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

- Bowen

I worked with Emma for 3 sessions on anxiety. One for health anxiety, one to no longer care about being judged by others, and one for driving. The struggle with anxiety and panic attacks started when I was a child, but it really started to interfere with my daily life after my first child was born. I started taking medication, which helped but I knew I still needed something more. I instantly felt comfortable with Emma and talked to her about things I’d never talked about. I had so many ah-ha moments and I have finally figured out the root cause of my anxiety. Emma genuinely cares and I loved that I could share my wins with her and she really cheered me on and I could also share my difficult moments with her with ease. The recordings by Emma were so effective. I looked forward to listening to them every night. Emma’s voice is so passionate, and her voice would carry with me throughout my day, which made me feel safe and confident. Before working with Emma, I struggled with finding out what self-care really meant to me and what truly helped me long-term. The recordings and working with Emma are exactly the self-care I was looking for and needed. I love taking the time for myself to listen to the recordings. This has truly been a life-changing experience. Daily tasks that used to take an enormous amount of effort, like driving, going to the grocery store, or anywhere outside of my home, are now effortless. My quality of life has improved drastically. I am amazed at how much I have grown after just 3 sessions. I will forever be extremely grateful for Emma. 


– Haley

I am so grateful to have been put in touch with Emma through a friend and will absolutely be working with her for the foreseeable future.


I have spent the last 3 years exploring various types of therapy, all of which have proved to be effective. However, I kept feeling that I was not getting to the core issue. Emma and I did 2 sessions together to address core beliefs around feeling abandoned and unloveable.


This was the first time in my life I really felt true relief from these feelings. I have been able to move forward in my life and start creating the life I dream of! Releasing this old energy has created space for newer better things to enter my life.


I believe the work Emma does is instrumental in changing subconscious beliefs. Talk therapy and somatic therapies are great but if you are NOT incorporating RTT therapy into your healing it’s really all in vain. RTT is the key to gaining awareness and making different choices. 


– Iva

I have a work colleague who told me that hypnotherapy helped him overcome the trauma of losing a child, and that told me that hypnotherapy wasn't what I used to think it was. I started a new relationship this year and my partner had seen Emma for RTT – that’s why I chose Emma. I needed help with PTSD I’d picked up because of work experiences. What happened in RTT was really magical. The first couple of days after hypnosis, I became a slightly but importantly different person – the person who I really am, underneath the trauma. I felt in control and free. I was overjoyed. That profound change went away, then returned, off and on over the weeks that followed. Emma helped guide me to use a hypnosis recording so that I could learn to stabilize my transformation more and more, and it worked. I am so, so grateful for Emma’s gifts.

- Paul

My experience working with Emma was wonderful! I was skeptical to try a new thing, but when I had my first meeting with her I was put at ease quickly. She has a very safe presence and works expertly at what she does. I had come seeking help with insomnia. In our session, Emma guided me through my subconscious to find the root causes, which of course came as a surprise. Listening to the recordings she made for me for the month following was an integral part of the experience. The jewels of wisdom that came up during our session were able to slowly but surely embed themselves in my mind, so they have now become an effortless part of who I am. Not only is the insomnia relieved, but I have a much more solid sense of self as a result of the whole journey.


– Kaitlin

My work with Emma Heywood has changed not only me but those around me as well. I could see and feel the amazing changes in myself right away but I was totally unprepared for how much the people and world around me would shift, and in what beautiful ways. I use my personal RTT recordings regularly to keep me in a balanced, grounded state, and I know which ones to listen to when a specific need arises as well. I especially love that I don’t need to think about how they work or why - I can just relax and let RTT do its work, and watch the magic unfold around me. Thank you, Emma, for the gift of your work!

- Anna

I came to Emma because, after 11 years of working on my personal growth, I hadn’t resolved my deep-seated limiting belief that I am a nuisance. I was also routinely experiencing odd “injuries” several times a year, injuries that took an inordinately long period of time to heal and/or resolve. I knew that I was ready to try a new approach, was ready to shed this belief once and for all, but wasn’t sure what methodology would work.

What I did know is that whatever approach I chose needed to have three elements: facilitation by someone I trusted and respected, not require ongoing meetings/sessions/conversations and the ability to do the work on my schedule, when it was most convenient for me and worked for my life.

Emma and RTT fit all three of my criteria for continuing my personal work, and I was excited to start my RTT experience. Three months later, I can say that Emma exceeded every one of my expectations and RTT was the perfect fit for me. My core limiting belief has melted away and my life has expanded in every area, with an investment of only 20 minutes a day. It’s hard to explain the profound impact that RTT has had on my life in words, so I will share some of the ways that this transformation has shown up in my life:


·   My business is thriving, without additional effort;

·   I have been hired to speak at 2 major events, without seeking out speaking opportunities;

·   My unidentified body aches and pains have diminished and/or disappeared;

·   My ballroom dancing has improved dramatically, in large part because my confidence has grown; and

·   My most important personal relationships are blossoming, and are continuing to grow and deepen.


Thank you, Emma, for who you are in the world and for bringing RTT into my world.

- Logan

Woring with Emma revolutionized how I view myself and laid down the foundation for permanent change, which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve read so many self help books, I’ve done traditional types of therapy, but nothing compares to working with Emma. To go from living in such fear to take action in my job, and now I am literally closing deals that I was so petrified to go through with. I want to tell the world about this woman! She’s amazing! Her work is deeply transformative. If you’re ready to let go of your trauma, work with Emma. She will transform your perception of yourself in the most beautiful way.

- Mahogani

Healed My Joint Pain!


Since about 10 years old, I have always had very weak knees and joints throughout my body. And it seemed to get worse in the cold. It was so bad to the point that every winter, all I’d want to do was just ball up in the bed and wait for winter to pass by. It really impacted my ability to be a good mother and wife. 


But after one session with Emma and I am already healed from the joint pain! She helped me discover that my joint pain was actually a result of the emotional pain I was carrying in my life. And within just a few days of our session, all joint pain is completely gone from my body. 


Emma was extremely intuitive. She transitioned from one part of the session to the next masterfully, allowing me to explore and use more than one healing tool at a time when needed - Which was incredibly useful and effective! 


And her voice…her voice is so calm yet reassuring. I felt so at ease and so comfortable in her presence…and this is on Zoom! Zoom works! That’s just how strong and beautiful her presence and energy are…it can be felt even without being in the same room as her. And the personalized recording she made me is absolutely perfect. Her voice is smooth as silk, and she took extra care to include all the powerful imagery and wording that I mentioned to her during our first Call. Which makes me excited and motivated to listen to my recording every night. 


It was an absolute pleasure and joy working with Emma, and I am truly grateful that I had the amazing opportunity to work with her. She is a complete professional, and if you are looking to improve your life in any way at all…I would 1000% recommend booking with Emma! It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

- Tiani

“I worked with Emma in an RTT session to address my writer's block and the process and results blew me away. Emma gently guided me through key memories that I didn't even know I had, and worked with me to uncover what about those moments was leading to my writer's block in the present day. We then worked through releasing the block which was liberating and deeply healing. Emma's recording was also incredibly transformative and is still a favourite meditation of mine. Emma is professional, empathetic and compassionate in her approach. My session with her was my first ever hypnosis and she helped me feel relaxed, calm and safe the whole time. I would recommend an RTT session with Emma to anyone to address a range of issues.

- Anonymous

This is my second personal hypnosis recording with Emma. I've used apps like Calm and HeadSpace in the past, but over time those recordings felt generic and I was craving something more personal to help me with specific goals in my life. At first, I honestly didn't connect with the term "hypnosis"—I had false notions of what it was from things I'd seen in old movies. But I'm so thankful I explored it and found Emma. She took the time to connect with me, understand the change I was working toward in my life, and she truly cared. Emma has an innate gift for saying all the right things and in the most calming tone for your recording. I listened to my first personal recording last year diligently for 30 days before I went to bed. It's just like a relaxing meditation. And I'm still in shock how the change I was working for started to click in the months after. It just happened. And these were big changes! I think it can be easy to get caught up in the stories in our heads. We can all use a little help sometimes to course correct and get to where we want to go. There's no one else I'd trust but Emma for this work. I'm about to hop into my second recording a year later. It's the perfect time as I'm going to be a new mom soon and other things where I want to show up as the best version of myself. I can't wait. THANK YOU, EMMA!!


I had an RTT session with Emma, and from the bottom of my heart, I need to share how powerful and how great it was. Emma showed me the way. She guided me and reminded me of my own power. 


I struggled with insomnia and a night eating disorder. And weeks later, I am in control of my behaviour at night, I am more in control of my emotions, and I decide when I want to eat and not eat now. I can’t thank Emma enough! 


You can really feel Emma cares. She works from the bottom of her heart. She has so much knowledge and wisdom that transformed my life. I now sleep through the night! I am so extremely grateful for Emma.

- Khaled

To say I was blown away by the depth and potency of my RTT session with Emma would be an understatement!! She got me to the root of my issue within minutes and I felt so safe and held to REALLY go there and heal it. Emma provides a judgement free safe space, she asks the best questions that lead you to your own answers, and her recordings are a joy to listen to as she uses the power of her voice to take you on a journey! If you’re on the fence about working with her, go for it! You will NOT regret it!!!



I’ve had two RTT experiences with Emma and both have been life changing. Emma makes you instantly feel comfortable, seen, and supported. After both experiences, I noticed an incredible shift. She’s both masterful and warm and friendly. With Emma, it’s only taken 21 days to clear deeply help beliefs, shift painful memories, and take my power back in areas that ripple out to positively affect my whole life. Her work is powerful and deeply transformative. 



Are you ready to experience this powerful transformation?​​

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