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I help you break free from self-doubt and step into the most powerful, liberated, confident version of you yet.

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Under Water

Do you feel stuck in patterns that you can’t seem to break no matter what you try?

Do you self-sabotage?


Do you procrastinate?


Are you lacking confidence and self-esteem?


Do you feel unworthy and undeserving of your desires?


Do you feel frustrated that nothing seems to change even after years of therapy?

Do you struggle to set boundaries and never put yourself first?

Do you suffer from anxiety and depression?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

Are you lacking motivation?

“I’ve gone through Emma's Program twice and both times have been life changing. With Emma, it’s only taken 21 days to clear deeply help beliefs, shift painful memories, and take my power back in areas that ripple out to positively affect my whole life. Her work is powerful and deeply transformative.”


Through RTT Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching I am here to help you get rid of those limiting beliefs once and for all!


As your facilitator, I guide you in getting to the root of your blocks, breaking through them, and creating lasting change in your life. A new level of YOU is awaiting you.


Changing your limiting subconscious beliefs will have you stepping into your full power: internally free and at peace.

I help you learn how to set yourself free.

“To say I was blown away by the depth and potency of Emma's Program would be an understatement! If you’re on the fence about working with her, go for it! You will NOT regret it!”

– Charise

Hi, I’m Emma!

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & RTT Practitioner, I help my clients gain insights, overcome their blocks, and improve their lives. In our work together I create a safe container where you feel held, seen, and heard. My support goes beyond our live sessions. In our work together, I am RIGHT there supporting you every step of the way. 

My connection with my clients is paramount to the work I do. I tune into your energy. My intuition kicks in and works with us in session. We are a team. I hold a loving, compassionate space for your healing to unfold. In my eyes, you are already worthy, just as you are. You are worthy because you exist. I see my role as your facilitator, guiding you back to this understanding of the truth of who you are, which is already inside you. It is time to own your innate worth. 

“Working with Emma has been amazing!  I have never felt healthier, stronger or more stable emotionally or mentally.  I wish I had found her years ago!”



How does it work?

Your subconscious mind holds the information you need to understand the cause of what is holding you back, and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ensures you find it quickly and easily. Understanding is power, and understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal power.


RTT works with your subconscious mind (which controls 95% of you) to get you unstuck quickly and effectively.

Through RTT & hypnotherapy:

●       You get clarity & understanding: identify your subconscious beliefs holding you back

●       You release the pain and hurt from your past

●       You understand the root of your issue often in a single session and leave feeling deeply empowered

●       You let go and reframe limiting beliefs

●       You rewire your mind for success

●       You create new beliefs and habits that last and create your ideal future


RTT and hypnosis help you change your habit of thought and belief, which changes your habit of action. It helps you change the way you think and feel, relieving anxiety, insecurities and fears.


Hypnotherapy & RTT rewires your mind for success, internal freedom, peace, and power to create the YOU you’ve always dreamed of being. 

Are you ready to experience this powerful transformation?

I help you learn how to set yourself free.

Are you ready to unlock your highest potential?


Hypnotherapy & RTT rewire your mind for success to create the YOU you’ve always dreamed of being.

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Tiani Perkins Client Testimonial.jpg

I came to Emma a few months ago because I was struggling internally to accept myself, in my imperfections in my relationship. I felt that I needed to be perfect. Especially in the bedroom, I thought I had to look perfect, I had to act perfect, I had to do this perfect “thing.” If I couldn’t I would feel like I was a failure, stupid, and full of self-hatred. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. I was struggling deeply with this and I came to Emma because I felt this draw, this connection to her. The way that Emma is is so kind, so non-judgemental, very open, hearing you, listening, and being there. She has this way of holding a deep space of compassion, love, and acceptance. What we uncovered in our session was so deep; I didn’t realize what came up was holding me back. I never would have gotten to the bottom of it without Emma’s help. And her audio recording she made for me is angelic, so perfect, so eloquent yet so powerful. And so freeing! I felt so liberated. I would 1000% recommend Emma for anything she can assist you with, but especially if you’re having any self love, relationship issues, love life, intimacy issues. Emma is your go to girl because the way that she holds space, doesn’t pass any judgement, and allows you to express yourself fully. She understands you, she’s there to reaffirm you, and makes you know just how powerful you truly are and she does it in a safe, loving way. 

-  Tiana Perkins

Are you ready to experience this powerful transformation?​​

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